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During this time of the pandemic, working conditions and circumstances have changed dramatically for many companies and organizations. This sometimes requires a different approach.

Matrix Consultants has a long tradition of offering tailor-made training:

  • Intervision and consultation training
  • Working with an ‘ecological map’
  • Working with organisational ‘arrangements’
  • Working with career ‘arrangements’
  • Working with the ‘Oase set’ to visualize arrangements

These training courses are available as in-company training, at both individual and group levels.


Currently, many people face changes in their working lives, voluntary or otherwise. Entire industries are under tremendous pressure. Many workers have to reorient themselves or even retrain for another profession. Moreover, the majority of jobs have radically changed over the past 20 years due to digitization.

For generations, “work” passed from father to son and from mother to daughter and there was a strong sense of social mobility. Moreover, many professions have disappeared and new professions have emerged. Only 3% of the working population still works in the agricultural sector.

  • Many men whose fathers used to do tough jobs now sit behind a screen all day long
  • Many administrative functions have disappeared or have been computerized
  • In healthcare, workers must keep track of patient and client handovers and registrations on a tablet
  • A lot of consultation and meetings are now done via video calling


Matrix Consultants for solutions regarding work and profession offers:

  • Support to gain clarity regarding your own situation and develop and explore new perspectives
  • Clarification of issues that play a role within an organization concerning cooperation, sense of purpose, decision-making skills, leadership.
  • Exploration of education and career path questions.
  • A chance to regain the balance between give and take in your work and private life.
  • The opportunity to turn feelings of powerlessness into an active approach towards your own career.

Organisation and career ‘arrangements’

An organization can be seen as a mix of individuals, dynamics and behavioural patterns that together make up a complex whole. Stress and physical complaints can arise from recurring situations or problems at work and your response to them. Fixed patterns are difficult to break; this is often intimidating and can even be scary.
Working with an ‘organisational arrangement’ can help you discover how to better deal with obstructive behavioural patterns. In addition, you gain insight into your own position within your work situation, company or family. This insight shows the position from which you can optimally function.
What is an ‘organisational arrangement’?
With an organisational ‘arrangement’ we make a spatial representation (visualized with physical objects) of the organization in which you work. The participant, who brings up a dilemma at work, literally places representations of themselves and other people or parts of the organization in the space around them.
It’s fascinating to experience how this method gives representatives access to the feelings and underlying relationships of those people who are represented. The arrangement makes patterns visible that occur in the organization or in the individual.
Who is this for?
For anyone who has questions about their work and career or about their place in an organization. For anyone who dares to let themselves be surprised by a different – systemic – view of their work.
What is an ‘arrangement’?
Arrangements are spatial representations of a system or organisation. This portrayal allows us to:
● Make an analysis
● Reorder, and thereby dynamise (HOI ROBERT! ik weet niet zo goed wat je bedoelt met deze word ‘dynamise’ – het is niet echt een engelse word, kan je het beschrijven anders?)
● Look for solutions
Different possibilities

  • Individual organization ‘arrangement’
  • Individual career ‘arrangement’
  • Organization ‘arrangement’ with representatives in a group
  • Career ‘arrangement’ in a group

Individual ‘Arrangements’
Individual arrangements are done on a table with the use of the ‘Oase set’. It begins with an assessment of the difficulties that are experienced at work. We will discuss which people or situations are crucial. Then these are presented on small white boards and placed relative to each other on the Oase ‘field’. An arrangement is a powerful way of getting advice that can reveal the underlying dynamics of a problem or issue in three dimensions. This provides a helicopter view of your position in or at work. The mutual relationships and the balance between give and take become tangibly visible. Subsequently, new perspectives for action arise.
The method for a group
In a workshop with around 10 participants, the practical work and your organisation, the dynamics within your team, and your way of working as a professional and/or as a leader or coach will be examined. This is done in an unorthodox way, through exercises and systemic arrangements.
An arrangement is a powerful way of getting advice that can reveal the underlying dynamics of a problem or issue in three dimensions. This can be done in a workshop with the other participants as representatives, or in an individual process through an arrangement on a table. The mutual relationships and the balance between give and take become tangibly visible.

● Surprisingly clear insights and visualizations that also have an effect in the long-term
● A different, fresh perspective on work, one’s own qualities and competencies
● Ability to take new steps in a career and actually accomplish intentions
● Testimonials from participants: “inspiring”, “engaging”, “a beautiful form of giving attention”, “very enlightening” and “non-threatening”